AKASH TEX is striving to attain the pinnacle of excellence to the extent it is feasible through relentless effort and endeavor at all levels. We'll spare no pains to satisfy our buyers by our sincerity and commitment. While we have still a long way to go in this respect, advice and support of our valued customers while pave the way for our cherished goal. We have undertaken the expansion of our factory which will certainly engulf our business and fulfill the expectation of buyers round the globe. In achieving the excellence than ever, we crave for new ideas and technologies from all our partners in the process of work and we are pledge bound to travel this road hand in hand with all our employees and customers to bring prosperity to our company and country at large. As Textile market is itself run by reciprocal process, we would like to convey the message to our buyers 'HELP US TO HELP YOU' with a view to keeping the chariot moving

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Kamrul Islam Managing Partner


Mohammad Aslam Managing Partner


Sontos kumer Sarker Managing Partner